Work and Play – Week #1

As I look at my week ahead and all that I have to do and the places  I have to be,  I am feeling pretty good about how I have organized my week.  Most of my meetings are within 5 – 10 blocks of  Global Headquarters of GreenBusiness WORKS (my home office) with some of the meetings at the Regional Office (a local coffee shoppe) which is within 4 blocks. I will need to do some grocery shopping this week and I am still in the tennis tournament so that will need to be factored in.

An interesting element that has surfaced is how much people want to support my efforts. Many get quite excited and I can see the wheels turning when the start gushing with ways to help! I love it!!!

For example, when my bike was stolen, Suzanne said, ‘I’ll make a donation to your new bike if you add a payment method on your blog! ”  and this was ‘seconded’ and ‘thirded’ by others at the table. Teresa offered me her bike until I got a new one. My neighbor has three and I can use one anytime.  One tennis friend walked up to the team Sunday and said, ‘who is the teammate giving up her car?” I sheepishly raised my had, not quite sure of what her reaction was by her tone. Seems she and her husband own a bike store and they offered to help me select one and assist with the price.  She didn’t even know me! One friend offered to give me her scoundrel of an ex-husband’s bike.  Just flat-out give it to me. Or maybe I should say her Mom made the offer-seems she never really liked him from the beginning! I find this outpouring amazing! All different people from different parts of my life! Such generosity!

And another thing….I have told many people in the building where I live so I now have offers to ride share to the grocery store. Some go to traditional stores, some to the more health oriented stores so I have choices.  The idea to put an e-bulletin board on our community  web site has come out of this so  who want rides or can offer assistance to others (we have some seniors in the building) can then post their need or offering to the community site. Sweet!  One neighbor lives here only 9 months and they have 2 cars. He was musing about how he can support my efforts.  One neighbor wants to approach the local ride share company and see if we can get a car closer to our building (although there are 11 spots within 10 blocks of us-pretty good in my opinion.) One neighbor has registered for an electric car and is  looking into what it takes to have a charging station in our building parking lot. Lots of ideas going and it has been so fun to watch this. People want to join in the fun and add their own ingredient to the process which I am loving! I need all the help I can get!

Perhaps a movement is starting?  Sometimes people refer to sustainability as a movement. I never liked that term. Sustainability is not a biological experience that happens with your morning coffee.  But I get it. People do start movements. And join them.

Sometimes I feel like that guy dances. Flailing, awkward and seemingly out of control. But them, someone comes along and shares their WithOut a Car experience and we are right there together, dancing, in the flow. I don’t think I have started a movement, but I do think I am clearly part of something larger than me with a life of its own.

So the week is planned and off to a good start. We’ll see how it ends. And whether I am a leader or a follower, a lone nut by starting something or just joining in, I am Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car!

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  1. Mandy says:

    I think you know Sean and I gave up his car about 2-3 years ago as an experiment. Basically it means Sean has a car and I don’t. So besides Zipcar, the secret for this working for me is Stuart Roundtree. He’s the guy who drives the Prius Checker Cab. I call him first whenever I need to go somewhere and transit is too tough. He’s so freakin cool. I started riding with him b/c he drives a Prius and we’ve gotten to be friends. He’s an Emory MBA, he was a middle school history teacher in Gwinnett and decided to do something more interesting. He’s a great dad of 2 middle schoolers. He is super on top of the issues and great fun to talk to. You can schedule pick ups and drop offs. He’s super trustworthy. His cell number is 404-694-6039.

    Also, my biggest joy is not having to deal with parking lots. I HATE the time & $ suck!

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