Who Knew it Would be THIS Hard??

If I were a dog, my tail would NOT be waggin’! I am feeling bit down and defeated.

Transparency? This was a really tough week. And I thought I had planned well. Looking back, what seemed logical was way too much.  I over did it.   “Life is a stage…..” so, no matter what your journey, your ‘stuff’ comes with you, right?

My type A persona, the one that I thought I had made significant strides in surrendering, crawled into my backpack and came along with me this week.  Just to show you what I mean, not only did I go through my usual work week of meetings out and about, but I grocery shopped, got my racket restrung and bought new tennis shoes, went to the bank, made an unexpected trip to the wireless store, traveled to the DMV to clear up some unexpected info on my driving record, got my hair cut, traveled an hour to play in the tennis tournament only to be DQ’d because I did not navigate the transportation well and was over the late time alloted. Looking back, that was a lot to do. And I really under estimated how much that was. It took a toll on me and the adventure. My attitude suffered.

I also had a few dilemmas about breaking my own rules. I think I have to be more forgiving if I don’t get it all perfectly right in the beginning. Again, not something I am good at. Forgiving myself, that is.  And apparently, neither is doing less. And isn’t sustainability about doing more with less? Whew – “life is a stage…’ and it is playing out for me.

This week, in one day, the day I thought I had planned well, I had a 10:00 a.m. at the Regional Office (Caribou-Piedmont and 10th, walking distance of 3 blocks) then lunch at SOUTHFACE, (a bit of a stretch to walk with a loaded pack but doable) then a meeting at the 191 Club (catch the Peach on Peachtree, 3 blocks).  After taking a shortcut, toting a backpack that weighed way too, too, too much (again, thinking I can do it all)  and meeting a fence instead of direct access to the The Peach Stop, I was frustrated. But I found the gate a block north and made it to Peachtree, just in time to see the PEACH pull out.

Next stop.... Pity Party


N00000000000000!!!!!  I wanted to cry. I was tired, there was not a place to sit, and I had to wait 20 minutes. Twenty minutes is no big deal but that laptop I had been carrying around was so I could work during the hour I had between meetings so that was wasted effort. Energy expended that clearly I needed.

I hit the wall. Or fence, I guess. And I just wanted to cry.  So after I watched the Peach pull away, like all of us do when waiting for the bus, I looked the direction from whence it came and there was a cab, going downtown, my direction and it became my cab!

Did I break a rule? I think not because it was already going downtown so I did not put more carbon out there that was not already going to be there.  But I did feel a bit rescued, which is one of my rules-no emergency phone a friend, come get me!!! when I hit the fence.

So, lessons learned? You bet! Will I incorporate them?  I hope! That is my plan. Will my higher truth (heart)  win over my mind (head) so my hands (where real behavioral change happens) do what is needed?  Isn’t that a daily struggle? At least for me it is. So this week, I will listen to my heart of hearts, where my real truth lies, and connect with what I know is best. Simplify.

So week one was tough., Won’t it be fun to look back to the week #1  post when I am at week #50 and smile at how I thought it was tough?

God, I hope so.

But no matter, I am still Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car!

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8 Responses to Who Knew it Would be THIS Hard??

  1. Tamara Jones says:

    Watching this adventure of your with some bated breath. I di not learn to drive until I was 28 years old. Became a necessity after I left NYC and moved to New Haven. I did not realize just how important a reliable and extensive public transportation system was until I left NY.

    Needless to say, Atlanta is no NYC. Hang with it. I’ll be posting links to your blog in my Tweets.

  2. inafutureage says:

    This is very inspirational. Transportation is such a huge part of livable communities. Many cities in America are nearly impossible to live WOC. It certainly does take a lot of forethought. Good luck! I am an MBA student now, but would like to one day live WOC.

    • Hi Robert – Good Luck on your studies. I loved your animation on your blog.
      Thanks for your encouragement and I look forward to hearing about your journey GOING _WOC ____(insert city name & initial!) WthOut a Car!

      Keep in touch!

  3. Claudia says:

    Despite your mishaps this week, you’re already inspiring us. Great insights here Stephanie. Thank you for navigating AWOC. So glad YOU’RE going first!

  4. Mylan says:

    Love reading about your adventures and your positive attitude. I am sharing this with my friends.

  5. Diana says:

    Read your blog this morning, almost peed my pants. You poor thing, what a rough week.
    Let me know if you need anything, might be able to talk one of the kids into letting you borrow a scooter for a bit if you want to try it!

    Keep up the good efforts,

  6. Stephanie:

    Kudos to only having a few run-in’s with time and transportation this week. When I first moved to New York, I was 2 hours late for a dinner party once because I could not figure out how to efficiently navigate the subway. . . and at the time did not have money for cabs and other luxuries.

    I think you are doing great. And you should hear me cheering you on in the next two weeks by learning to bike to my office (17th and Spring) from home in Inman Park. It’s National Bike Week, May 10th-16th.


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