I Bring You Gifts….

Midtown is  such a kool place to live with such nifty innovations.

First, we have a green car rental place. Yes, they rent LEFEs (low emission, fuel-efficient vehicles) and they are becoming my  new best friends when I need to rent.  $9.95 a day on the weekends-such a green, lean deal!  Jason is uber customer centric!  So far, I have had to rent a car three times. Once for business (a trip to Cobb County), once for friend duty, (Simone’s  grandchild-to-be baby shower; again, Cobb County) and once to play golf. (I was going to take  golf clubs on Marta but my friend Susan convinced me …NO, YOU ARE NOT…. and I came to my senses! Can’t you just picture that going through the turnstile??)

Check out my new discoveries……..(PS.  No, I do not make any money from either of these,  nor do I  receive any special benefits that you would not also receive as a customer. Besides, I don’t know who is more excited to discover each other-me or them!)

And check this out. I was waiting on THE PEACH, at the top of 13th Street, heading again to Southface which is a bit awkward for me to get to, and here comes this beautiful vision….

I like this ride…Stephen is the owner and he is terrific. A quick call and he is on his way to you.  404 668 1531.

The best part? -$4.00 anywhere between Midtown and downtown. He is a perfect call when I am walking back from the theater or the symphony at 10:00 PM at night! And, I called him last week when I left the Braves game, at 9:30 PM. We met at 5 Points Station and I was home is 15 minutes-safe and sound! It is such a fun ride! We laugh a lot since I sit in the back and do the queenly wave as we pass others,  kinda like the Green Queen of Midtown!

So, next time you need wheels, try these 2 fun places…..They Save you Green When you’re Going Green!

How much fun can one person have Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car?

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  1. Jodi Consolino says:

    Steph, I had no idea what you were up to…but knowing you, it’s not a stretch to see you’re up to something good. You have my mind working. Been toying with introducing this to the kids for us to try one day a week. It’s tougher in the burbs, but will be an adventure nonetheless. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m loving reading your blogs!

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