I Got a Shiny, New Bike!

Remember the first day I started this journey? I came home from turning in my car at the dealership, hopped on my bike and rode to tennis. I locked up my bike in the bike rack at the courts while I waited on my opponent to arrive.  As I was getting ready to go on the court, my friend who had come to cheer called me over to the bike rack and mine was GONE! Not the one next to mine but MINE-GONE!

Sidebar: OK, I still can’t get over that. Apparently, I am still having a strong reaction to it, right?  I don’t think it’s because I was so attached to my bike, but was attached to the belief that I had done all the ‘right’ things and if you do the right things, you get the right results, right?  That topic would be a great dinner party discussion…..something along the lines of ‘who’s to say what is good or bad, right or wrong….

So now, I have a new bike and I love it! I cannot believe how much I love having a bike and how often I use it to commute. That has surprised me the most. After all, I am vain enough to care about helmet hair but, I apparently don’t care enough to stop me from incorporating commuting on my bike! Plus, I have taken business casual to a whole new level, and it isn’t upwards!

So what made me get a bike, especially since I did not seem to be missing it? Well, have you ever had such a strong feeling to do something-so much so that you don’t feel like you can stop yourself?   I had this very feeling one-day walking back from the 10th Street MARTA Station.

At 12th and Piedmont is a bike shop. Since they sell really, really, good bikes. (translation-expensive) I had not really seen them as a resource for a bike purchase. After all,  I had bought my last three bikes from REI where they have range of price points.  But today, I could not stop myself from going in there. It was as if a magnet was pulling me.  And POOF! There she was. A beautiful blue, ladies bike. (Clearly color is a priority to me!) And it already had the right kind of seat, handle bars and tires. It was the right size for me and exactly my price point! One draw-back-it was a 2009 model, the bike shop owner told me.  Who knew bikes had a model year? Clearly, I am not a biker, I am a bike rider. I learned the distinction that moment.

So, I added a bell, a water bottle holder, the toughest lock on the market, but my new favorite part?  Saddle bags.

Love the saddlebags. Love , love, love the saddlebags. Errands like groceries, drugstore, dry-cleaning – so much fun! Trips to the movies, yogurt shop, nail salon –all are so joyful now! But what about “Hot’lanta?” Yes, for a while there it was like riding with hot blowers pointed at me but I didn’t care. I had a bike! I forgot how much I loved riding my bike!

So now, its Bike’lanta. Because I am GOING AWOC…Atlanta WithOut a Car!

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3 Responses to I Got a Shiny, New Bike!

  1. Sounds like you will be getting ready for the Tour de France soon!!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    This is so great! I had the same kind of moment a few years ago when I got tired of waiting on the bus and got a bike to ride to the station. Now I bike my son to daycare then ride to work every day. I love the feeling of freedom and being self-sufficient!

    I work for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition now and we have rides, classes, advocacy efforts, and events to build community and introduce more people to biking. Hope you’ll check us out!

  3. Michelle Morgan says:

    Yeah! I love that you got a new bike. I wanted to tell you that I had given up the idea of walking to work (it takes 1 hour 20 mins). . . but then I realized that I could bike. I just needed a new tire and a basket. So, it’s at the shop getting those things to start biking to work a few days next week.

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