Mr. Mingus has a Breeze Card!

Mr Mingus has not been doing well and with the new MARTA cutbacks, one of the great things that happened for me is bus #27 stops right at my back gate (14th and Piedmont) and right in front of Mr Mingus’ vet, the Buckhead Animal Clinic (which really isn’t in Buckhead, mind you.)

So this past week, when it was time for a visit, Mr C. Mingus (named for famed Charlie Mingus-Google it, folks) took his first ride on the MARTA bus. I checked the MARTA website for animals and there is allowance for service animals, of course and rightly so. But, I could not find anywhere that said NO CATS. So, Mr Mingus was wrestled into his carrier and off we went to the bus stop.

We were supposed to be at the Vet at 8:00 am so out the back gate we go, bright and early, breeze card in hand and up rolls the number #27 right on time. I still wasn’t quite sure if we were going to be allowed on the bus. I was actually prepared to  call a cab had we been denied boarding.

But we load.  We take our seat and I peer into the cage and little Mingy is shaking. I am not sure if it is the illness or the new and different situation so, God bless my fellow passengers, I begin to sing to Mingy. “Hey bunny bun, hey bunny bun, hey bunny bunny bunny bunny bunny bun.” Much to my fellow passengers joy I am sure,  this catchy phrase with its snappy tune gets repeated over and over again. (I bet folks are humming that tune at this very moment!) I figured since Mingy is so familiar with it, when he hears it, he will calm down and he does. Whew!

We hop off the bus, visit with the vet and Mingy stays for the day. I did the same trip in reverse at the end of the day and Mr Mingus did much better coming home. I think he likes having a breeze card!

But, something tells me, that was Mingy’s last MARTA trip. I am not real sure that was legal. If so, we’ll take a cab to the vet next time because, after all, I am Going AWOC – Atlanta Without a Car!

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One Response to Mr. Mingus has a Breeze Card!

  1. Michelle Morgan says:

    Steph. . . way to go. And congrats to Mingus too. Brave cat. But before you cab it call to make sure they will let him in their car. The cabbies can be much more difficult than the bus sometimes. When you call the dispatcher, ask if they allow pets in general. Some don’t at all. And some just have designated cars.

    I’m off to Atlanta Streets Alive later today. Hope to see you or some other pedestrian advocates there.

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