Feet on the Street

With the onset of dreary, rainy, winter headed our way, let’s take a look back at summer!

With my feet on the street and pedal to the metal, I enjoyed some rich and varied expressions of humanity. Having Piedmont Park steps from my front door is absolutely hands down the best part about where I live and is an unending source of unique experiences! One of my favorite parts about the Park is the Green Market that happens every Saturday, nine months a year, but the second best is all the slices of humanity that, like me, find great fun in just hangin’ in the Park.

This summer was rich with slices of all kinds of people having fun and stepping out fully into the robustness of their passion and joy – some with no holes barred! I love, love, love, when my fellow park lovers  share their essence.Take a look at some of my favorites from the summer in review. (and yes, they all agreed I could post to my blog!)

If you are an animal lover, OMG – there is a myriad of pets, pet owners and animals frolicking. I love this one. I am not sure who was having more fun on this ride. Nothing the feel of the breeze in your….fur?

Sunday afternoons the park is alive with musicians – check this out. I love going over and just hangin’…

And how about a bit of Sax in the City Park ?

Not to mention the colorful characters that are always welcomed….

This guy inspires me …perhaps one day my 2 wheeler will look like this!

And what a note to end on!!!!

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