Was Martin Luther King Day meaningful for you? Was it a ‘Day On’ or a ‘Day Off’?

Yesterday, I attended the service for Martin Luther King at Ebenezer Baptist Church. As I was listening to the various speakers, and remembering his segment of the march from Savannah to Atlanta that passed near my hometown, I was struck by an unacknowledged aspect of his leadership.

Martin's Church

Since I am engaged in sustainability, and am dedicated to a spiritual path as well, I tend to see the world through these two filters. (Actually, I see them as one lens to be fully transparent but that is another topic for our discussions.)

Martin advocated social justice.  Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Who amongst us would ever say they believe otherwise? This is one of the pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility. So, as a member of the ‘green’ community, I want to commit to action to celebrate his life and be more engaged. Typically, I  attend a concert in his honor or visit the AU complex for an event but this year moved me more than celebrations of the past. Maybe it was the students who spoke, or his great-niece, or being in his neighborhood. But I was deeply  moved.  I’m going out on a limb here and suggest the King celebration move forward as  a ‘green’ holiday as well and invite in those of us who support CSR.  

I read Maria Saporta’s column today, Sunday Suppers. She reminded us of her column 17 years ago where she suggested that we sit, commune over dinner or a meal and use this time as a way to exchange meaningful dialogue among a diverse group of citizens. Ideally, we will solve the issues raised by Martin’s initiatives and more.  So, I called the CEO of the Points of Light who is administering the Sunday Suppers Program.  I have not heard back from her but I want a seat at the (Sunday Supper) table.

Did MLK Day hit any action buttons for you?

And yes, I took MARTA to the King Station….because I am Going AWOC…Atlanta WithOut a Car!  

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