Don’t Miss A Moment!

I have been feeling stuck in  low gear. I tried shifting gears to write about ‘Oh the places you can go’.…but just felt like I was on an uphill climb. (puns

So, I have decided to include places, faces and all that floats my boat. And you can bet it will about sustainability – not just the E,environment, the S, social justice, the G,  governance, and the F, financial, but also the local, the innovators, greenspace gatherings and the ‘can’t miss this and get there on your bike or bus or train…’ stuff.intended!)

First up, kudos to Karen F. for launching and engaging women in our region for a leadership council to organize education, mentoring and conscious networking for women seeking a sustainable future. We are the SE region of the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future, SE Region. I am working on the programming portion. Of course there will be great speakers but I want us to do something different…. Thinking organic dine arounds, sustainable book club, a how to about riding MARTA – with and without a bike, and I welcome your ideas. What great organic or restaurants featuring locally grown foods do you love?  Here’s a plus. The woman on the program committee with me also does not own a car! She’s been AWOC since 2007!! AWESOME!

Second. Some local foodie things. Check this out – fresh, locally grown soup and carbon free delivery. I know, how do you grow soup? You get my meaning …and I am having veggie gumbo delivered, by bike, on Tuesday by The Soup Mama. Stay tuned! Also, check out detox and dshop.fresh, detoxing juices. Fabulous! I have a great juicer thanks to my friend Mo, and love fresh juice. I have biked to this shop for a treat and having it close by in Midtown if you do not already juice yourself, is awesome – and just a way to treat yourself if you already do!! Such a great place to bike to – located on 6th street. This fabulous picture is from her site – doesn’t it get your juices flowing!?!?

Another great find – Heels on Wheels. This fabulous group of women get together for lovely, lady-like bike rides – in dresses, skirts, bonnets and purses in tow! They are serious about having fun on your bike! Monthly rides end with a local or organic brunch stop. Too fun!

So, had to bike and see the Art on the Beltine. Check out their website to see the permanent collection and the schedule for live performances. My favorite is the interactive prayer wheel. I added a prayer for my friend T – ‘Love Light and Breathing Easy’, it reads.

A stop for coffee is a must for me in the a.m. Stopped at the Coffee Bar in the new

Ponce City Market  located in the O4W portion of the Beltline. Great place to swing… 2  daybed swings. WOW. Makes for a chillaxin’ place, as Tommy says! You can bet I will be participating  Pedal on Ponce.  – wanna join me? Meet you on the swing at the end of the ride!

This week? A visit to the Goat Farm to celebrate Best of Atlanta and CL’s 40th Birthday – glad they have stood the test of time, and digital media!

Next weekend? Boxcar Grocer -gotta go there….such a great concept. Check  out their mission:  ” become a model neighborhood resource, a new vision of what a corner store can be. A place that recognizes the health of a nation begins with the health of its individual communities.”  Uh huh!

So what have you found lately that is local, organic, social and sustainable?

Share it with me so I can check it out….as long as I can get there on 2 wheels, or mass transit, because after all, I am into my third year and still loving Going AWOC….Atlanta WithOut a Car!

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