Well, Wrap Me Up and Put a Bow on Me!

Going AWOC was a gift this year!

Yup, Going AWOC has hit the big time! My friend Sherry has a brother who recently moved to Atlanta and wants to learn MARTA so, Sherry gave him the gift of Going AWOC!

Shortly, he and Sherry will arrive and then we are off for an afternoon of, ‘Oh the places we’ll go! ‘

I have it all mapped, and a BREEZE CARD for his use, First we teach loading the card when we catch the #27 at 14th and Piedmont where our first leg of the fun begins. The #27 takes us to the Midtown Train Station, where we will catch the northbound (either red or yellow line-and learn the diff.), get off at Lindbergh for a bit of education on what that station is all about day and night, (very diff!) and maybe a java at that really cool coffee shop, hop back on the train to Lenox Station connecting with the #110, The PEACH, Southbound. Where else should you ride as you learn MARTA but down Peachtree Street?

Along the way we will review apps, maps and ‘ALL the Places you can go!’ – North, South, East and West – all the places we love the best….

Yup, today, there are three of us  Going AWOC…Atlanta Without a Car!

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