Bike-Sharing: A Ray of Hope for Sustainable Urban Transportation

(This post is by Maria Popova, Design for Good – it is 2 years old…and still, Midtown,Atlanta – where are we?? Once again, I have transportation envy!)

Over the past few years, bike-sharing systems have gained popularity around the world, experimenting with different models of building a sustainable mode of alternative transportation – from the ad-supported models of Europe’s three largest bike-sharing systems in Paris, Barcelona and Lyon, to Montreal’s user-funded program. In the US, however, cities have been slow to implement a bike-sharing program, despite many of the country’s largest cities – from Boston to Chicago to Philadelphia to New York – pushing and lobbying to get efforts off the ground, some since the early 2000’s. But this year, things are looking up.

On Earth Day, Denver launched its B-Cycle program with 500 bikes and 50 stations.

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