Beltline Is A Magnet For Construction Again! Yipee and Double WOOT!!!

Thanks Josh Green from Curbed ATLANTA for the great article! I thought followers would be interested..

A hypothetical Beltline glimpse. Redering:]

A hypothetical Beltline glimpse. Rendering:

A new report from the city’s Bureau of Planning illustrates the obvious — that construction activity along the Atlanta Beltline corridor is booming, most notably in the vicinity of Freedom Parkway. The teeming backhoes and bulldozers are a stark contrast to Recession-besieged 2010, when just three projects were under way along the 22-mile corridor. Last year, 14 projects of varying scopes were under construction — for a total of 1,485 new townhomes and apartments. And while that may sound impressive, it’s less than half the projects (31 total) that were being built in 2008, the report found. While it’s welcome news from an economic standpoint — enough so that the Beltline is drawing apt comparisons to the 1996 Olympics — some see a cause for alarm within the numbers. read more…

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