I bought a condo in Midtown Atlanta, at the corner of 13th and Piedmont, in 1988. I knew I wanted to Final Web heart modtownlive in an area that was destined to be the epicenter of Atlanta and  I hit a home run!   For someone WithOut a Car, the development density and community connectivity is just getting better with each passing year. Great people are driving some rally wonderful elements that make Midtown such an easy place to live. 

One such group is the Midtown Alliance. Feb.,the Midtown Alliance unveiled its new MA banner webbrand identity and it is such a fun new sight. I am especially pleased about the Eco-District and that we are one of 5 in the country. Don’t you LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about leading the country in something other than traffic, crime and asthma?

“What is an EcoDistrict?” you ask?

An EcoDistrict is a highly integrated neighborhood that is vibrant, resource efficient and engages residents in promoting human connections and well-being. It is home to smart buildings; strives to capture and reuse energy, water and waste on site; offers a range of transportation options; provides open space for people and natural areas for wildlife; and tracks tangible progress toward neighborhood sustainability over time. Some really smart people started Blueprint Midtown in 1988 to make it a walkable and very liveable live work play community – what great visionaries! And now it is GreenPrint Midtown, an on-point evolution!

That’s us! Midtown. And one Reason Why I heart Midtown!  Take a tour – sign up for the newsletters and get engaged – I am! Because living in Midtown makes it easy-breazy to keep Going AWOC….Atlanta WithOut a Car! 

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