Can Something This Fun Actually Be Good for You?


Ok, I know I like the big adventures more than most but this new fitness craze is driving me crazy.

Why? Because I have not had a chance to go to one yet!

What am I referring to? Jumping for Fitness – the new fitness warehouse-sized  TRAMPOLINE workout.  Two  Huffington Posts bloggers went (We Tried It: JumpLife) and it sounds like theirs was a combo jumping and dance. WOW, that floats my boat and I am dying to go! So, Walker, Claudia, Lisa, Susan, Teresa, Jennifer, Janet, Mylan, Suzanne….- when are we going? 

Here are a few of their answers to ( I’m guessing are) your questions:

What Fitness Level Is Required: All levels are welcome. The low-impact nature of trampoline fitness makes it perfect for people just starting out, living with chronic pain or recovering from nagging injuries. And there’s no pressure to keep up with the instructor or anyone else in the class, as long as you just keep moving. (I don’t think ours is a class though.)

What It Helps With:

Jumping HUFF POSTCardio, of course, but definitely core strength, too!

Would We Go Back:

Sarah’s Take: Sure! It felt more like play than exercise, but with all the benefits, and my knees, shins and ankles relished the low-impact break.

Amanda’s Take: Definitely! Like Sarah mentioned above, the fun definitely outweighed the difficulty of the workout class. I’m all about fitness that’s also enjoyable!

atlanta jumpingHere is the closest to us….How is Sat afternoon, March 16?

Carpool? Or join me on MARTA then Uber – because I am Going AWOC…ATLANTA WithOut A Car!

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3 Responses to Can Something This Fun Actually Be Good for You?

  1. William says:

    I have this problem where I can’t control gravity. Do you know if they use harnesses or whatnot to make sure you don’t bounce off the trampoline and into the water fountain?

  2. Teresa Hargrave says:

    I am in!! Sounds like I can do it even though my hip is not great. I may be the “mini jumper” but I would love to try it!!! I can drive us. What time?

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