Official: 700 Beltline Trees Are Only the Beginning

Thank you Josh Green, for the update.I am including your post because I know my followers love to know what is happening on the Beltline since we are one it frequently.

According to Josh….

Big picture, plant life around the Atlanta Beltline is planned to be a full-blown urban ecosystem 

Trees, Eastside TrailPhoto courtesy of

Trees, Eastside Trail
Photo courtesy of

soon. In tune with the project’s master plan, the Beltline is becoming an “arboretum,” or a botanical garden that focuses on woody plants, the executive director of Trees Atlanta, Greg Levine, recently told the AJC. Thus far, nearly 700 trees with 61 varieties have been planted along the Beltline. And that’s only the beginning. Earlier this month, city crews and volunteers began plantingwildflower meadows — 12 species of grass, and 32 native wildflowers — on the Eastside Trail near North Avenue. Beltline leaders are seeking volunteers to help plant 109,000 grass plugs between March and May. Don’t expect to see a flowery explosion this year, but you might see conflict as the plantings start.

Levine told the AJC the new wildflower plantings will be too young for a good bloom their first year, but if “everything goes well, the grasses will be tall by fall.” Watching the activity patterns of Eastside Trail patrons, especially on weekends, should raise concerns that anything planted off the concrete will be trampled, or at least bisected by bicycle/runner-worn paths. Maybe it’s not feasible, but would a mulch trail that parallels the path within the tall grasses be a suitable alternative? Sure, it would encourage patrons to leave the path, but it could relegate runners and mountain bikers to a specific area. Given the Eastside Trail’s popularity, it’s foolish to think everyone will keep off the grass.

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