Whole Foods Vows to Label GMOs by 2018

What an amazing victory for consumers and leadership on the part of Whole Foods! I thought you might like to read this article and watch The World According to Monsanto GMO Documentary for the full story. How can we not tell the public what they are eating?

It is very scary. Thank you CA and Prop 37 for creating awareness and being the catalyst. Even though it did not pass, the conversation ball is rolling.


According to the featured article: (Thank you Dr.Mercola)

“Whole Foods’ move will be copied by competitors, said Scott Faber, vice president for government affairs for the advocacy organization Environmental Working Group. ‘Clearly, they’re going to be the first of many retailers who will require labeling as a condition of sale in their stores.'”

And some highlights on labeling from the featured article by Dr Mercola….

“Calorie and nutritional information were not always required on food labels. But since 1990 it has been required and most consumers use this information every day. Country-of-origin labeling wasn’t required until 2002. The trans fat content of foods didn’t have to be labeled until 2006. Now, all of these labeling requirements are accepted as important for consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also says we must know with labeling if our orange juice is from fresh oranges or frozen concentrate. Doesn’t it make sense that genetically engineered foods containing experimental viral, bacterial, insect, plant or animal genes should be labeled, too?

Genetically engineered foods do not have to be tested for safety before entering the market. No long-term human feeding studies have been done. The research we have is raising serious questions about the impact to human health and the environment.

Read Dr.Mercola’s full article and/or watch the Documentary. 

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