I Walked Across the Street

I had the most fantastic day Friday with a ka-zillion errands and appointments on the calendar. Living in a community with great connectivity and walkability and the necessary services within walking distance makes Living, Working and Playing in Midtown easy breezy if you are Going AWOC – Atlanta WIthOut a Car! 2011-12-27 09.50.38

For example:

My errands started at 13th and Piedmont with a AATPwalk across the street and up the hill  to return an item borrowed from a friend. I then walked 5 blocks to the UPS storeUPS Store on Peachtree and 8th to fax (really, DELTA, FAX?) some needed info to Delta or my Sky Miles account. I then walked across the street to have a healthy lunch at Arden’s Garden. I sat at the bar, had a few shots (of wheatgrass- oh, how my life has changed!) and chatted about the merits of juicing with some amazing women.

Little Five Point store front but you get the picture!

Little Five Point store front but you get the picture!

After my engaging conversation and healthy lunch, I walked across the street to my bank, Delta Community Credit Union, and completed some mega-transactions for my upcoming trip

Yes, I do. I love my bank!

to Barnhouse on Martha’s Vineyard. (I love this bank! Can you say that about yours?)

After banking, I walked across the street, then west 3 blocks from 9th and Peachtree Place to 10th and Piedmont for my haircut @ HELMET Hairworx.  (Do you think Lisa Rinna says ‘I want my hair cut like Stephanie Armistead’s?) Then again, I walked across the street to get  a frappacino @ Caribou  The 'Bouto take with me to my salon next door to get the all-important pre-trip mani-pedi. manipediAfter that, it’s a less than a block walk around the corner for my chiropractic adjustment and then down the hall for my facial appointment.

Feeling pretty pampered and productive, I headed home. On my way , I walked across the street and down a block to 12th and Piedmont  for a light salad,  then walked a  block home to freshen up and quickly head out for  a concert. ” In a car?” you ask. “Ney!” I say! My Concert (was) in the Garden.so I walked across the street to the Botanical Gardens for the Shawn Colvin, Mary Chapin Carpenter show. Can it get any better than this?

Concerts in the Garden - My Midtown view!

Concerts in the Garden – My Midtown view!

After a rain free evening (so rare these days) with fantastic temperatures and amazing music, I walked home,  in the dark, through the Park, with a group of new friends. I then walked across the street and was back at home – safe and sound, enjoying my wonderful life in Midtown!

How many ‘walked across the street’s did you count?

I love MIDTOWN and all that is happening here and THANK YOU Dan and the gang at Midtown Alliance for making it easy for those of us Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car! 

Follow my route for the day!

Follow my route for the day!

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    So, what do you do if you live with your parents in Roswell?

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