Innovation in the Green World!

One of the best things that comes through Sustainability is innovation. As companies seek to ‘go green’, they get creative in how they see business processes crating all kinds of  adaptive technology and really kool things come out of it. Social innovation, product innovation, process innovation – nothing is sacred.

I thought you might like to see some kool things that I have noticed – maybe you have a few to share too?

Look out Rosie! The Jetsons are so 2000! Meet JIBO, The World’s First Family Robot. It’sjibo only $499.00. Not bad, eh? A lot of other nifty robotics are on you tube here and you can see all the other uses for the technology that these use, like autonomous cars.  Also, note JIBO was funded through crowd sourcing and has achieved over 1800% of its $100,000 goal – yes that is $1,815,710. Now that is a successful campaign!

Creative use of space – Homelessness is an issue in almost every city in the world. billboardsWhat if billboards became homes? Meet The Gregory Project. The priority of the Gregory project is to find optimal alternatives for people without a home through the use of back to back billboards and their advertisement spaces.

Think jellyfish meets fluorescent light bulb – Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch designer is exploring ways of using bio-mimicry to light our night time stroll home in case you find yourself out after dark in Glowing-Tree-Urban-setting-Roosegaarde-Dezeen_644Atlanta WithOut a Car!

We’ve seen the really interesting and way kool storage containers turned residences. How about this? Matali Crasset has designed a neighborhood grocery shoPoteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house-537x357p for Toulouse University. Mini M is a part of a project that focusses on the availability of food services within student environments. What a great solution to help bring fresh, local food to food desserts in cities!

Speaking of great ideas for food deserts, here is one that New York City Mayor’s Office has developed that not only brings in the fresh food into the under served community but creates an entrepreneurial opportunity targeted to the immigrant community! Green Cart is a home run, I say!

So, what did you create today? ME? I contributed to creating a city with less pollution because I am Going AWOC- AtlantaWithOutaCar! 



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