I Am Thinking About Driving a Car!

“What? you ask.  “Are you giving up? Are you really calling it quits?”

Not so, my loyal followers.  Read on….

Recently, I viewed a movie that has had me energized and thinking about alternative fuels and what is possible.  I, as well as a few of my fellow greenies, attended the screening of pump logoPUMP, the Movie. ()

For me, giving up my car in 2010 was meant to be a one year experiment about living in # AtlantaWithOutaCar.  I think it might be time for AWOC 2.0!

When I started this journey, I wanted to live a greener life by reducing my personal carbon footprint, reducing traffic congestion, contribute to a cleaner air quality, and largely, reduce our country’s dependence on foreign oil.  (I feel like that last one is a biggie. Until we are self-reliant regarding oil, it seems to me we are compromising our national security. Everything we do from minute to minute relies on oil. Food, clothing, shelter – all contain oil, or need oil in some form or fashion. But I digress….)

I am embarking on a new experiment – Atlanta WithaFCar!

“Alas, what can that be?” you asked in great anticipation.

I haven’t quite worked out the new and catchy acronym, but the “F” is for Flex Fuel flexfulelogovehicles. And it is an experiment.

I learned a lot watching PUMP.  Some of the information was enlightening, some was scary and frankly, some just pissed me off! It did it’s job. It got me thinking and wondering ‘what if…’

The movie professes that almost all cars on our road today can be converted to
20141101_153201Flex Fuel
(E-85: 15% gasoline 85% ethanol) and that there are stations in Atlanta where this fuel is available.

I have two neighbors who are concerned about environmental issues and were intrigued as I was to learn about the ease of converting to Flex Fuel. 

Just buy and install the conversion kit, ‘they say.’ Well, let’s see if it is that easy.

The three of us have embarked upon a journey of research, discovery, experimentation and as always, of transparency so, stay tuned.  We are going to share our journey and what we learn along the way.

Until then, I gotta run.  I need to catch the #181 because I am still Going AWOC – AtlantaWithOutaCar!

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