Who Was That Chick in The Red Convertible?

Long time, no post!

Did I give up? Nope – just changed it up.

The collective economy is here to stay and I have been doing my share. Car Sharing, that car sharing graphicis. I struggle with feeling in and out of integrity by car sharing so here’s my story and you can decide for yourself.

Getting around Atlanta WithOut a Car has become routine. I figured it out. I do MARTA, UBER, ZIPCAR and carpool where I can.  Then one neighbor asked me if I would consider driving his second car on occasion to keep the battery charged. After all, it was old and was becoming a nuisance for him to manage since he regularly drove his Lexus.

Enter car sharing. A new adventure for me in car (no)ownership.

So, I agreed to drive his 1995 red 350 SL convertible. Oh, the sacrifice I made keeping  up my agreement to keep it charged. But, to counter the commute, I set up carpooling with an associate from my client’s office 3-5 days a week. I felt better about that but not great. After all, I still filled up with petrol.  That car sharing agreement ended with the onset of summer. Bye-bye convertible driving!

Then, just as that was ending,  another neighbor asked to barter my empty parking space for driving privileges of his second car, a LEFE vehicle– low emission, fuel efficient vehicle.  Since my convertible was off line for me during the summer, I accepted. I still
carpooled although I was much  more popular when I drove the convertible! My LEFE deal is over now that he no longer needs a spare space.

So…. integrity.  In or out?crowded-subway-car-hands-flickr

Some say out, some say in. I say whatever it is, I am still, as of Sept 1, commuting on MARTA and still Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car!

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