Going My Way?

I am attending the GreenBiz 2016 Conference in fabulous Scottsdale (dry and mid 70s!) and just learned about yet another ride sharetraffic jam funny app – but there’s a twist.  And it’s a great one. Their go to market strategy will definitely keep more than #onelesscar off the road. And it’s simple easy and makes me kick myself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” 

What I like about this app is that yes, it is the sharing economy, but it is a B2B app. So, what does that mean? Faster uptake for sharing because the company does the work of promoting the program.

So, take Atlanta for example. If you work at Cox, The Coca Cola Company, Emory or another large  employer etc., your biz signs up at no cost and then you, the employee, connect with those who either live in your ‘hood or drive near your place on their route to the same company where you work! Not the workplace down the street. Your place of work. Boom. Door to door service. Now we’re talking.Plus, chances are you know the person (feels safer, right?) but didn’t know they live near you!

car sharing graphicLike UBER, Task Rabbit, InstaCart and all those other great apps I use, no money changes hands; it’s all done by the app. Secure, safe and sound.

So how much does it cost? Fees are based upon distance and the app makes money off the passenger  – a mere $.30. Well worth it to me! But if you drive one week and they drive the next, it’s a win-win break even.  And for me, it is less than a MARTA commute.  Saves time, saves money. And when time is money…..Plus, I can still work on my documents, presentations, catch up on Facebook (UGH) and stay current on the latest rumor, gossip and scandal happening in Hollywood from someone more in the know than me!

Stay tuned – I hope to join. Because this Earth Day is six years of Going.AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car!

Oh, the app? It RIDE.com – simple, right?

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