Mar 2010


Opening Remarks at the Southeastern Corporate Sustainability Rankings Recognition Event

Living in Atlanta requires a car if you live the way I do. I am always on the  go. I run a business, I play tennis and golf, I go visit my brother and his family and friends on the farm, I visit friends OP (outside the perimeter). GO, GO, GO is my life. Much of what I do requires owning a car and all that comes with it.

Decades ago, like many people, I became acutely aware of the issues of transportation and sprawl in Atlanta. Because of this, and a few other reasons,  in the late 80’s, I consciously chose  to live in Midtown where I also work and play.  Piedmont Park is my backyard and yes, you can come play in my backyard anytime!

In the last few years, like many of you, I have become more and more conscious of the effects my life style has on the environment. I made some professional changes and I also made some personal changes. This blog is about the personal changes I have made and now, I am taking it to the next level.  What lies ahead excites and scares me.

A quick trip to the grocery store!

A couple of years ago, I decided that it would  be a good thing to give up my car for one day a week.  That migrated to  going days without getting in my car during the week without really even consciously making that decision.  That part of this journey, going without a car during the week, is not as scary. I have adjustments to make, I know. But, I understand mass transit, I know  how to use a car share service, call a cab,  use UBER, and how to rent a car when I need it. I am not shy so asking for carpooling to meetings will not be an issue. It’s the weekends that may be challenging.  But who knows where the challenges will lie? I know I will have to make changes in my workday that will require a lot of discipline. I hope that I have that ability.

2011-12-27 09.50.38So, I am giving it a try. I am Going AWOC – Atlanta WithOut a Car.

Change is good, right?  The noun, that is. It’s the verb that has me a bit uneasy! But, change keeps us alive and vibrant. Remind me of this if I start thinking I can’t,  will you?



2 Responses to Why?

  1. Carlin says:

    hi – are you still car free?? I am writing a blog post about being car free in atlanta and using electric bikes instead. Curious how your life has evolved without a car since starting this blog.
    thanks in advance!

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