Giving Up My Car?

Welcome to my blog. This is a journey that scares me to death -and energizes me at the same time.   I pledged to reduce my carbon footprint and give up my car, for a year, Earth Day 2010 – Earth Day 2011. Well, clearly, it worked and I am into year three! four! five  six!

Technically, the journey long before I actually gave up my car because anytime we have an idea, that is when the journey begins. So,  while I began planning, I still had my car  (except for that brief moment in time when it spent the night at the City of Atlanta impound lot!). I gave up my fun, convertible SAAB with the best bumper sticker in the whole world on Earth Day 2010 and while I was quite curious if I could do it, clearly I made it through – not unscathed however, and what a journey it was…and still is!

“Will I continue Going AWOC after Earth Day 2011?”  Or, will it be so hard that I give up mid-year? Will I buy the biggest, baddest, hunk of steel I can get my hands on after this is over? Will my habits and thinking change enough to affect how I live post ED 2011?

Well, time heals and reveals – and here I am, GOING AWOC…Atlanta WithOut a Car!



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